An affiliate of The Yates Companies, Inc., Spectrum Capital owns, develops and invests in top-tier real estate properties throughout the United States. We provide both the wisdom and capabilities to shepherd these projects from concept to construction to management. Our innovative insight has allowed us to consistently identify and maximize opportunities where others see only obstacles. Past and current projects include luxurious high-rise condos, resort destinations, a major sports facility and a premier retail/entertainment mixed-use development.

At Spectrum Capital, we dream to fruition. We envision dynamic new spaces for living, working and playing – then we work tirelessly to bring them to life. Every project is backed by the independent financial strength and committed character to ensure it becomes a successful and timely reality for both the community and our partners. It’s this unique combination of vision, means and commitment that sets Spectrum Capital apart.


Matt Summers
Project Manager 
  Laura Kestenbaum
Project Coordinator
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